Elizabethtown Healthcare Foundation and American Heart Association partners in program

The Elizabethtown Healthcare Foundation has provided a $10,000 grant that will distribute 350 Infant CPR Anytime kits to parents of newborns in Elizabeth, NJ. The program was introduced at the Family Health Clinic of Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth by Gary S. Horan, FACHE, President and Chief Executive Officer of Trinitas Regional Medical Center, Bill Thompsen, Senior Vice President of Health Strategies of the American Heart Association, and David A. Fletcher, President of the Elizabethtown Healthcare Foundation.

The American Heart Association Infant CPR Anytime kit provides new parents, grandparents, siblings and babysitters the ability to learn in just 22 minutes the core skills of CPR and relief of choking. Infant CPR Anytime is an at-home, video-based, self-directed training kit that can be used over and over without the need of a certified professional facilitator.

"Trinitas provides a wide range of cardiac care services through cardiac prevention and cardiac care, and it is fitting that we join the American Heart Association in this crucial outreach," noted Mr. Horan during his remarks. "We know that the generosity of the Elizabethtown Healthcare Foundation will make a positive impact on the shockingly high statistics of young children who suffer cardiac arrest each year. These CPR Kits will educate hundreds of young families and help them respond quickly to cardiac emergencies if and when they arise."

The American Heart Association reports that nearly 300,000 out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrests occur annually, 80 percent of which occur at home. Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any time, including children. In fact, an estimated 5,800 children 18 years old-and-under suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrest each year from all causes, including trauma, cardiovascular causes and sudden infant death syndrome.