Guidelines For Grants (Revised 02/16/2017)

The Elizabethtown Healthcare Foundation's grant-making process is conducted by the Board Trustees in an impartial manner based upon an evaluation of each grant request and available funds. Even though a proposal meets established criteria, it may not be approved.

The following guidelines are intended to help applicants understand the priority interests of the Foundation and prepare an application that fits the Foundation's requirements. Applicants are encouraged to call the Foundation office at 908-994-8065 with questions about the guidelines or application process.

Eligible Applications
The following parameters relate to eligibility for a grant from the Elizabethtown Healthcare Foundation:

  1. Organizations must
    1. have received tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; and
    2. qualify as "not a private foundation" under Section 509(a) of the Code; and
    3. be either
      1. a supported organization under Sections 509(a)(1) or 50(a)(2) of the Code; or
      2. a supporting organization under Section 509(a)(3) of the Code that is either a Type I, Type II or functionally integrated Type III supporting organization provided that a disqualified person from the Elizabethtown Healthcare Foundation does not control the supporting organization or one of its supported organizations unless such control is permitted by applicable regulations.
  2. Organizations must NOT be either
    1. a Type I or Type II supporting organization or a functionally integrated Type III organization under Section 509(a)(3) of the Code if a disqualified person from the Elizabethtown Healthcare Foundation controls the supporting organization or one of its supported organizations, unless such control is permitted by applicable regulations; or
    2. a Type III supporting organization under Section 509(a)(3) of the Code that is not functionally integrated.
  3. Requests from individuals will not be accepted.
  4. Requests must address significant, well-documented healthcare or related needs.
  5. Requests may not be for political or lobbying activities.
  6. The applicant must use the grant to address healthcare and related needs in Elizabeth, New Jersey and the surrounding communities of Linden, Roselle, Roselle Park, Union and Hillside.
  7. Requests may not be for religious activities; however this does not preclude consideration of requests for nonsectarian health or human services projects undertaken by religiously-affiliated or supported organizations.
  8. Applicants should request funding for a one-year period only. Funding for the same program or project may be requested for additional one year periods up to a maximum of three years total with the approval of the Foundation.

Priority Fields of Interest

The Elizabethtown Healthcare Foundation awards grants to strengthen existing or seed innovative projects or programs that are central to the mission of the organization requesting funds that:

  1. address healthcare and related needs which relate to the following centers of excellence of the former Elizabeth General Medical Center:
    1. Psychiatry/behavioral health
    2. Renal Services
    3. Pediatric Services
    4. Nursing Education
  2. support Trinitas Regional Medical Center especially in the areas noted above.
  3. recognize the value of addressing family needs in caring for the elderly and making children happier and healthier.
  4. promote better awareness and use of available health resources.

Other Funding Priorities

Other funding priorities include programs or projects that:

  1. promote cooperation among agencies to avoid duplication of effort and resources.
  2. build the capacity of an organization to improve its performance and impact (e.g. board leadership, strategic planning, consultants).
  3. are reasonably assured of continued support after the Foundation funding involvement is discontinued.

Areas Generally Not Funded

Areas generally not funded include:

  1. budget deficits or general operating support
  2. endowments
  3. lending
  4. research
  5. annual appeals
  6. fundraising dinners or journals
  7. scholarships
  8. leases or rental of equipment

Proposal Requirements/Process

Proposals can be submitted at any time to David A. Fletcher President, Elizabethtown Healthcare Foundation, at P.O. Box 259, Elizabeth, NJ 07207-0259. Grant decisions will be made twice a year during meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation in May and November. Proposals must be received in the Foundation office by April 10th to be considered for the May meeting or October 10th to be considered for the November meeting.

There is no specific application form to complete. Proposals should be in letter form, generally no more than four pages in length and should include:

  1. a brief description of the requesting organization and the services it offers and the name and telephone number of a contact person.
  2. a full discussion of the problem to be addressed, the techniques to be used in the solution and a clear statement of final objectives or expected accomplishments for the project stated in specific measurable terms.
  3. a project budget. Provide full costs as well as committed and anticipated funding sources for the project. State clearly the amount specifically requested from the Foundation. List other foundations from which project funding is being requested.
  4. a timetable for the project.
  5. the qualifications of key individuals involved in the program or project.
  6. a discussion of how the program will be funded after the Foundation funding is complete.

Also, attach to the proposal the following information only:

  1. background information about the organization (limit two pages) and latest annual report, if available.
  2. financial information for the most recent twelve-month period and current year's budget.
  3. most recent independent audit. If one is not available, the most recent Form 990 will be accepted.
  4. names and occupations of officers and directors.
  5. any written representation which may be requested by the Foundation to verify the precise tax-exempt status of the grantee.
  6. list of other groups addressing the same or related objectives and the extent of the applicant's coordination with each.

Grant Disbursements

If a grant request is approved, a payment will be included in the approval letter. Funds for capital improvements and equipment will be distributed upon receipt of the invoices by the Foundation office. Program funds will be disbursed according to a schedule approved by the Trustees. Unless otherwise stated, grant funds should be expended within a year of the grant approval. Any change in the expenditure of grant funds from what was requested in the original proposal must be approved by the Foundation.


All grantees are required to submit an evaluation of the approved project or program upon completion. Some program grants may require interim reports, as well, citing the progress of the program, the expenditures to date and whether or not second year funding has been secured. Evaluations must show whether the objectives were met.