Frequently-Asked Questions and Answers

  1. How is the precise tax-exempt status of an organization verified in order to comply with Elizabethtown Healthcare Foundation's (EHF) eligibility requirements as described in the Guideline for Grants?
  1. EHF provides a form that will enable a grantee to make a representation regarding the precise tax-exempt status of their organization.
  1. Do organizations seeking a grant need to be physically located or headquartered in eastern Union County to meet the requirement that a grant must be used to address healthcare or related needs in the towns or cities specified in the Guidelines for Grants?
  1. No, but services to be provided with grant support from EHF must, to a large extent, benefit the population of the towns or cities specified in the Guidelines for Grants.
  1. How many years can a grant application for a program or project cover?
  1. Grant applications should request funding for a one-year period only, but requests may be submitted the following two years to fund the same project or program with the approval of the EHF.
  1. Is there a specific format for the submission of evaluation reports at the end of the grant period?
  1. No, but it is very important to include reporting in specific measurable terms of progress toward objectives. The evaluation report should also include assurances of continued support of the program or project after EHF funding involvement is complete.
  1. Is EHF governed by or part of Trinitas Regional Medical Center?
  1. No. EHF is a private foundation with its own Board of Trustees and mission. EHF does rent space from Trinitas in its Center for Regional Education building located at 1164 Elizabeth Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ.

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