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We have a huge database of photographs, scanned images and research that was created to digitize our non-digital assets, preserve images, restore images, repair images and help us tell the story of Elizabeth General Hospital and Elizabeth General Medical Center. In addition to what we have, we have gaps that we would like to fill by reaching out to libraries, museums, collectors, historical societies, thrift stores and, last but not least, the general public. If you have any material related to Elizabeth General Hospital, or Elizabeth General Medical Center, please contact us.

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In this section you will find videos, images and .pdf documents that may be of interest to you. Please click on a link to play a video, or on other links in this section to learn more.

From Humble Beginnings

Arabella Creech, RN

Grace Wilday, RN

Katharine Zierdt, RN

Elizabeth's Doctors Play Baseball!

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For information on individual photos and graphics used in our presentations please contact us.