Please Donate To Our History

Elizabeth General Hospital and Dispensary has had a rich and storied history that continues today at Trinitas Regional Medical Center.

We are happy to be able to show you many of the photos, brochures, annual reports, newspaper accounts, diplomas, proclamations, resolutions and other memorabilia from our history.

While we were able to save a significant amount of material, there are things we are missing; stories we want to uncover, mysteries that were never solved, and questions that have yet to be answered.

To this end, we are asking for members of the public to donate, or loan us, any photos, booklets, brochures, annual reports, School of Nursing yearbooks or other items. Some of the most fascinating items we have that do not fall into the categories above are the following:

Item #1

A trowel that was used at the original cornerstone laying for Elizabeth General Hospital and Dispensary at E. Jersey St. and Reid St. Not only is it inscribed with the dates of these events, it was also used for subsequent events and those dates are also inscribed on it.

Mystery #1

A "gilded spade" was used at the original groundbreaking of Elizabeth General Medical Center, and monies were raised with it. It was displayed in the hospital, and, at some point, it vanished. We don't know if it was given to someone, or taken, or simply misplaced. Does anyone know what happened to the "gilded spade?"

Item #2

A "Book Bank" that has a lock and key that was used by people to save money to be used in case of receiving a bill for hospital care. We also have an insurance policy that was offered by Elizabeth General to the general public in the days before health insurance insurance. In those days, people were offered a way to cover themselves in case they needed hospitalization.

Mystery #2

A beautiful grandfather clock went missing from the lobby of Elizabeth General Medical Center in the 1990's and has never been found. We would love to find out what happened to the clock and it would be fantastic if we can recover it.

Item #3

We have diplomas from several of our earliest nurses. Some of them also left us personal items like prayer books, nursing pins, award pins and many remembered Elizabeth General Hospital in their wills. Do you have any items like these that you would be willing to donate to our archives, or loan us to photograph or scan?

Mystery #3

In the 1920's or 1930's there was a sign on the corner of E. Jersey St. and Reid St. that was not a marker for those respective streets. Rather, the top part said "Hospital" and the bottom said "No Noise." One of our friends remarked that when she was a young girl she used to walk by the hospital with her mother and her mother would always say "Shhh! We're passing a hospital." Does anyone know what happened to this sign? We'd love to find out more about it.

Item #4

We have several copper boxes that contain items that were placed in them during cornerstone laying ceremonies for various Elizabeth General Hospital and Elizabeth General Medical Center ceremonies, usually during a construction expansion.

Mystery #4

While we have many of the copper boxes from quite a few of the Elizabeth General cornerstone laying ceremonies, but we don't have any time capsule information or material from the earliest dedications of Elizabeth General Hospital and the Blake Memorial Hospital for Women. We have photographs that show what look like cornerstones, but no information on any materials that may have been placed, then removed, etc. If anyone knows the story we'd be happy to hear more about it.

How To Donate

To donate an item, or loan us an item that we can photograph or scan and return, please contact the Public Relations Department at Trinitas Regional Medical Center. Call 908-994-5138 or email to make the necessary arrangements. We thank you in advance for your donation, or participation, in our effort to preserve our history.

Mystery 1: The "Gilded Spade"

Item 2: The "Book Bank"

Mystery 3: Hospital/No Noise Sign

Mystery 4: Original Cornerstone(s)